F.A.Q. - PL8.email


What is PL8.EMAIL
Pl8.email is an internet platform which sends messages to email accounts that are connected to vehicle plates. Pl8.email is the simplest way to sent and get text messages to your vehicle plate.

Do I have to register to send a message?
NO, anyone can send messages without registration

How much does it cost to sent a message?
There is no cost, pl8.email is a FREE service

How many messages can I send?
You can send as many messages as you like!

What if I send a message to a license plate that is not registered on PL8.EMAIL?
The message remains on our server for a period of 3 months. If the license plate registers on PL8.EMAIL within this period, our server will send this message to the email account that registers the plate. If there are many messages, the system will send 3 messages per day.

How do I register my vehicle plate?
Simply fill this form to start receive messages for your vehicle.

What characters can I use for my vehicle plates?
You can use any Latin character and numbers, any other symbol will be rejected by our system.

How many vehicles plates can I register?
You can register as many vehicle plates as you like but only your first vehicle can be registered for free.

What is the cost for my registration?
There is no cost to register one vehicle per email account. If you want to register more than one vehicles to your email account the cost is 1€ per year for each additional vehicle plate.

What if I try to register my vehicle and already someone else has already registered my vehicle to another email address?
Use the messaging form to contact the user who has falsly claimed your license plate. If your request fails, you can claim your vehicle plate by submitting our claim form.

How do I unregister my vehicle?
You can delete your license plate from your profile page

What if I want extra services like receiving more messages per vehicle?
You have to open a business account for more benefits

How can I change my password?
You can submit the password change form here

How do I change my email address?
Your email address cannot be changed. You'll have tocreate a new profile with your new email address nad register your license plate there

What if I register and I don’t get any messages
Inform us by applying this form, and we will try to find a solution!